Twitter will soon let you save Tweets by bookmarking them

Oct 11, 2017, 00:26
Twitter will soon let you save Tweets by bookmarking them

Twitter has finalized its plan on launching a bookmarking feature to save tweets for future reference. At present, if you want to save a tweet for later, you have to either message it to yourself or Like it. On the way is a private bookmarking feature that'll let you save certain tweets, ready to be read later. The Twitter bookmarking feature has actually been a top request from the community.

Its existence and ongoing development was revealed by Twitter product manager Jesar Shah and the company's vice president of product, Keith Coleman.

This new feature, born out of Hack Wek, should provide an alternative that maintains a user's privacy. "We'll be Tweeting to ask for feedback, and share our thinking as we compare designs, experiment, do research, and more", Shah added, with emphasis.

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Shah noted that now there are many ways that people save tweets such as bookmarking it with a heart and even retweeting it.

The feature's imminent launch was first announced on Twitter itself. This method or we can say this feature will save the Tweet and they can make use of the bookmarked tweet and can fetch them anytime they want.

Twitter's move to add bookmarking to its service comes just weeks after the company began to test longer tweets. Here's the early prototype that we put together in a week, which is likely to change.

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You would then access your bookmarks by clicking on your profile photo, which now brings up a drop-down menu showing "Lists", "Moments", and your privacy settings.

When you've saved a tweet, a bar appears with the option to "View Bookmarks" but there will also be a new Bookmarks section in the app's main menu that shows your list of saves.

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