Other Views: NFL respects right to protest

Oct 23, 2017, 00:50
Other Views: NFL respects right to protest

The Trump campaign released a petition encouraging everyone to stand for the national anthem.

No decision has been taken during this meeting on the thorny issue of the protests of the players during the national anthem, which divides the world of sports and american society the past several weeks.

While there were reports that league commissioner Goodell was considering the move, he simply released a statement saying that players "should" stand for the anthem, but didn't institute any rule change. Trump has expanded his target to include National Football League owners who do not mandate their players stand. Trump, Vice President Pence, the RNC, and many conservatives have wrongly claimed the protests are meant to dishonor America, America's military, the American people, or the American flag.

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"We want our players to be standing and we will continue to encourage them to get up", he said, adding that the members of the meeting had not discussed any possible sanctions against players knelt. It alienates too many patriotic people of good will who bristle at what they perceive as disrespect of the country's basic symbols.

The petition was released October 19, one day after Trump posted tweets criticizing the NFL's recent decision not to force players to stand during the national anthem.

"We believe everyone should stand for the National Anthem", Goodell told reporters. "We did not ask for that", Goodell said.

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Following Trump's comments at the rally and on Twitter, players from nearly every NFL team knelt or stood with their arms locked during the national anthem. "That's been my philosophy with my team, and I think nearly every other owner feels the same".

Donald Trump is continuing his attack on players who protest during the national anthem. The president has targeted the protests as disrespecting the flag and the troops, when in fact, the players and others participating in the protests have specifically stated that they are taking a knee in protest of the racial inequality in the United States.

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