Stylish 3DS XL SNES Edition Coming to United States This November

Oct 24, 2017, 00:42
Stylish 3DS XL SNES Edition Coming to United States This November

The new Nintendo game console features a cover design matching the looks of the traditional SNES. We can't forget the Super Mario World lime green 3DS and for Metroid fans, there was a special 3DS for you as well.

You won't be able to buy the game on its own; instead, it's being bundled with the just-announced Analogue Super Nt, a high-end machine created to play original SNES cartridges on modern TVs.

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A stylish New Nintendo 3DS XL is coming on November 27 that will definitely turn retro gamers' heads. Nintendo 2DS games will not appear in 3D.

The Super Nt is the follow-up console to the Analogue Nt, which came out as a clone of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Each Super Nt owner will get it along with the sequel, Super Turrican 2, which is a digital copy.

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Nintendo of America will release the New Nintendo 3DS XL: Super Nintendo Entertainment System Edition next month. The bundle at Amazon comes with a free Super Mario Kart game download, a true retro SNES game.

The Super Nt is Analogue's $190 update of the Super Nintendo that adds support for HDMI and full HD 1080p without introducing lag. There are four custom designed SN30 wireless controllers that you can buy; it just means that the Super Nt works out a lot more expensive than the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. "The original master files are included directly on the system", Taber says of the director's cut.

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