Yemen rebels fired at Saudi Arabia's missile

Nov 05, 2017, 01:34
Yemen rebels fired at Saudi Arabia's missile

Saudi Arabia's air forces announced on Saturday they had intercepted a missile targeting Riyadh from Yemen, Al Arabiya local news reported.

Saudi Arabia's Civil Aviation Authority confirmed on Twitter that the missile had been brought down near the International King Khalid Airport in Riyadh.

A TV channel linked to Houthi rebels in Yemen said the missile was launched at the airport.

The missile was destroyed near Riyadh's King Khaled global airport and was said to be of "limited size".

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Al Arabiya TV reported the missile was sacked from Yemen and was brought down close to the capital by Saudi air defence forces.

MISSILES have been fired at a major Middle Eastern airport used by thousands of Brits every year, it has been reported.

This is the first time a Houthi missile has come this close to a heavily populated area, and it appears to be the farthest such a missile has reached inside Saudi Arabia.

Airstrikes later in the day targeted Yemen's capital Sanaa, causing homes to shake and breaking windows.

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Saudi Arabia has been leading a coalition of states against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who toppled Yemen's internationally recognized government in 2015.

A Saudi military spokesman condemned the attack in a statement, saying the missile was sacked "indiscriminately" towards a populated civilian area.

State television said 'Saudi air Defense intercepts ballistic missile northeast of Riyadh'.

The explosion occurred in one of the terminals of the global airport king Khalid, 35 km from Riyadh.

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"This is not the end".