Got The Apple 'i' Glitch? Here's How To Fix It

Nov 08, 2017, 00:58
Got The Apple 'i' Glitch? Here's How To Fix It

Apple has not yet released a software update to fix the bug, but they have a suggestion for frustrated "A?" phone users. For those who are, Apple has provided a temporary workaround until a software patch can be issued. The problem has popped on both iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.0.3, as well as macOS.

Not surprisingly, the bug is frustrating many Apple users.

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Apple Pay Cash will allow users to make personal payments over iMessage or make purchases using money stored on a virtual debit card in the Wallet app.

You'll need to be running the second beta of whichever OS you're using (iOS 11.2 or watchOS 4.2), and that includes the iOS public beta. You need to create a text replacement that automatically changes a lone lowercase "i" to a capital, effectively overriding the bug. Users can access the Keyboard settings and add a text replacement. Apple isn't saying, but there are some technical theories. Instead, every time they attempt to use the English first-person pronoun, it gets replaced by the letter A and an unprintable unicode character, typically rendered as a question mark in a box, but occasionally five horizontal bars instead. Some of which include 70 new emojis introduced (including clothing options such as headscarf, insane face, gender-neutral characters, smiley faces and fun creatures like genies and vampires), 3D Touch App Switcher gesture and a reachability dock overlap issue.

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Chances are if you updated your iPhone or iPad to Apple's latest operating system, whenever you type the letter "i" it autocorrects it to the letter "a" with a symbol next to it. Posts such as "iOS 11.1 freaking sucks, it really kills battery life".

CNET notes that funding will come from debit or credit cards you've already set up in Apple Pay, and there will be no fee for debit cards, a small fee for credit cards.

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The weekend-long fuss brought by the weird bug is not news for Apple manufacturers as a similar problem was witnessed in last year's iPhone 7.