Picking the flawless East Tennessee Christmas tree, the old fashioned way

Nov 26, 2017, 00:59
Picking the flawless East Tennessee Christmas tree, the old fashioned way

They started selling Christmas trees in 1984.

The Christmas tree in downtown Wilmington is all lit up after hundreds gathered to see the annual tradition kicking off the holiday season.

"Kind of a family Christmas tradition the day after thanksgiving", says Andy Shrake, Christmas tree buyer.

New said while his customers are a little disappointed this year with only precut trees available, they're adapting to the change and still returning.

That shortage means finding a tree may be harder, and buying it may be more expensive.

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Honey Bear has tried to keep its prices for smaller trees in line with recent years, given that people with fewer economic resources tend to purchase those trees.

Mike Falco has been working with Medford Family Christmas Trees for five years.

And since it takes six to ten years for trees to grow, there aren't enough mature trees now.

Both Pioneer Trails and Foder tree farm are open 7 days a week now through the December 23.

"We always turn the lights off anytime that we're not home and we actually turn the heat down in the room that we have tree in, especially when were not home".

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"If there were no Christmas trees, where would Santa put your presents?" They bought a white, artificial one to match their mid-century home a year ago.

Tips for picking a top-notch Christmas tree.

Predictions for many places are that as we get closer to Christmas, the supply may dwindle even more.

GWD Forestry reports the problem will likely continue because states with many tree growers, like California, West Virginia and the Carolinas, suffered major wildfires and droughts in 2016.

It's important is to make a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree.

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