What Was One Of The Hot Black Friday Buys This Year? Guns

Nov 30, 2017, 13:21
What Was One Of The Hot Black Friday Buys This Year? Guns

Around the country on Black Friday, people shelled out money to buy a record amount of guns.

The FBI says it had 203,086 requests for background checks on Friday, smashing the previous single-day record of 185,713, which was set on Black Friday a year ago, USA Today reports.

USA Today reports that the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) received 203,086 requests for background checks, a significant increase from the previous single-day record of 185,713 requests-set a year ago on Black Friday. The two previous records also were recorded on Black Friday.

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The number of firearms actually sold on Friday was probably higher than 203,086 because a buyer would require just one check but could purchase multiple firearms in a single transaction.

Last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation official overseeing NICS was forced to transfer personnel from construction projects and units that oversee the gathering of crime statistics to keep up with the surge of requests for background checks.

The jump is also significant considering that gun sales have slowed dramatically during the first year of Donald Trump's presidency, when compared to previous years.

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Days before Black Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to review the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Devin P. Kelly, the gunman who killed 26 people, was charged with assault in 2012 according to Air Force records, and this information was never submitted to the NICS database.

Gun demand rose as President Barack Obama called for tougher regulations after major shootings and then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton led in many election polls.

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