Trump vows to impose more sanctions on North Korea

Dec 02, 2017, 00:37
Trump vows to impose more sanctions on North Korea

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Wednesday called for other countries to sever all ties with Pyongyang, including cutting trade links and expelling North Korean workers.

"If they want to find a pretext for destroying North Korea, as the USA envoy said at the UN Security Council, then let them say it outright and let the supreme American leadership confirm it".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that a US threat to destroy North Korea in the event of a war was "a bloodthirsty tirade" and military action against Pyongyang would be a big mistake.

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"The latest U.S. actions look created to deliberately provoke Pyongyang into taking new extreme action", Mr Lavrov told reporters in Belarus, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry transcript. "We have already said many times that sanctions pressure has exhausted itself".

"We have got to take them at their word, so this could be a global conflict". But Russia, which is masterfully edging the USA out of relevance in Syria, is now making more muscular statements on Trump's diplomatic shortcomings with North Korea, including his calls to further isolate the regime.

The latest threat came after North Korea tested its third ICBM, which it claimed was capable of striking anywhere in the United States. "We regard this negatively", he said.

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Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry also raised "serious" concern about North Korea's new missile launch that violated the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council. He said he was referring to joint US-South Korean military exercises planned for this month, which he said US officials had intimated to Russian Federation would not take place until spring to open a window for tensions to be defused. On Wednesday, the US will impose additional sanctions on North Korea in the wake of Pyongyang's new missile launch, US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter following his conversation with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. "That's why we are interested in a political and diplomatic solution".

As Trump and Kim have traded insults and threats from across the globe, North Korea has stubbornly refused to step away from its nuclear program despite mounting pressure from the worldwide community.

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