SD Senator John Thune; Time to Roll Back Net Neutrality

Dec 05, 2017, 02:08
SD Senator John Thune; Time to Roll Back Net Neutrality

If so, and if the FCC rolls back the net neutrality rules December 14, then neither the FTC nor the FCC will have the authority to regulate broadband providers.

As stated in the letter, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has spent the past 6 months performing an investigation of his own regarding the comments in question, with his findings largely reflecting Kao's.

Schneiderman had argued that "hundreds of thousands of identical anti-net neutrality comments under the names and addresses of unwitting Americans" constitutes illegal impersonation and misuse of a person's identity. His office recently posted a page where visitors can flag fake comments, and he said it's gotten around 3,000 responses from around the country so far.

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Meanwhile, an FCC member called on the commission to delay a scheduled December 14 vote on repealing net neutrality rules enacted under the Obama administration until an investigation can be completed.

A representative for the FCC said the attorney general's investigation isn't warranted. A statement from the FCC chairman even claims that scrapping net neutrality protections is to keep the government from micromanaging the internet. One of the people whose name was used to submit a fake net neutrality comment included Schneiderman's assistant press secretary, he said. His concern was echoed by Rosenworcel, who also brought up other issues with the process, like an alleged denial of service attack that crashed the system, and 50,000 comments that were submitted but are apparently missing from the public record.

A separate study from the Pew Research Center indicated that among the record public comments about net neutrality filed with the FCC over a four-month period, only 6% were unique comments.

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Under the open internet rules passed two years ago, ISPs are required to abide by the principles of net neutrality: The companies are required to offer consumers equal access to online content and services and are prohibited from blocking or slowing traffic to websites at their discretion.

After learning that Schneiderman meant to hold a press conference on Monday afternoon alongside FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC Office of Inspector General reportedly contacted the NY attorney general by email and offered its assistance with the investigation.

"This so-called investigation is nothing more than a transparent attempt by a partisan supporter of the Obama Administration's heavy-handed Internet regulations to gain publicity for himself", he said in an email November 22.

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"It is clear that our process for serving the public interest is broken and I do not believe that the agency should move forward until a credible investigation is completed". That's unacceptable. The FCC needs to correct this course immediately.