Get morning boost via new Google app

Dec 07, 2017, 01:55
Get morning boost via new Google app

The Android Go edition of the mobile operating system will be the default OS for entry-level phones, which Google identifies as those that have between 512 MB and 1 GB RAM. The company had promised to roll out a light version of Android and it has now released the OS to manufacturers and developers under the title Android Oreo Go Edition or simply, Android Go.

The Android Oreo (Go edition) will ensure speed and reliability on entry-level devices, which means the average app will be 15 percent faster on devices running Android Oreo (Go edition).

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The company announced today that Android Oreo (Go Edition) will be launching alongside Android 8.1.

Google launched the less hardware intensive Android Go for low-end devices though it remains if it becomes popular enough given the relative affordability of Android devices already. As explained above, these apps have been optimized to take up as little space as possible. The system will also include a new set of Google apps, created to be lighter and relevant to the needs of people coming online for the first time.

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The website, specialized in technology topics, reported that Datally's features are nothing new, as they can be found among the capabilities in Android settings, but putting them into one app makes it easier for people to find and use them. Speaking about language, the Google Go app also lets users switch and see search results in different languages. "We're not just adapting our products for India, we're building for India first", says Caesar Sengupta, who heads the Next Billion Users division at Google. Second, Google Go comes in a small app size, it is light on data usage, and works great even on patchy connections. Google Go is available as a preview starting today on the Google Play Store in India.

When it launched a year ago, the Google Assistant was an exclusive feature of Google Pixel devices. This special version of the Google Assistant in both English and Hindi will appear on the new Reliance JioPhones.

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There are now more Android users in India than there are in the USA, according to Google, and the company has its sights set on the "billions more" who don't yet have access. She said, "In spite of the socio-economic challenges, thousands of Internet Saathis have gone on to do wonderful things, once they learnt the Internet".