Your money: Apple admits to slowing iPhone battery

Dec 24, 2017, 00:47
Your money: Apple admits to slowing iPhone battery

Two class-action lawsuits have been filed against Apple after the company admitted it purposely slows down older iPhones in order to preserve the battery.

Two class-action lawsuits have been filed in the United States against Apple, with one suit describing the practice as "deceptive, immoral, and unethical".

On Monday, the blog Primate Labs, a company that makes an app for measuring the speed of an iPhone's processor, published data that appeared to show slower performance in the Apple's iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models as they aged. According to them, due to Apple's intentional interface of normal iPhone operations, users had to fix their phones out of warranty.

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Interestingly, it's possible both of these lawsuits could have been avoided had Apple just been more upfront about what its software updates were doing. This is essentially what we saw happening with the widespread shutdown issues on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

"Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices".

Essentially, Apple says that at peak times of performance, older lithium-ion batteries are unable to handle demands, which results in the entire device shutting down to "protect its electronic components". Several Reddit users noted that simply replacing their batteries, performance was restored at near-new status. The price is $79, plus $6.95 shipping, subject to local tax.

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Many iPhone users do not hide their disappointment and anger over Apple's revelation that the corporation intentionally reduces processor speed in "aging" versions of their smartphone line.

Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas have filed suit in the US District Court for the Central District of California, accusing Apple of intentionally slowing down older devices to promote the sale of newer models.

No, you're not insane: on Wednesday, Apple confirmed a longstanding conspiracy theory, admitting that it has been throttling the performance of older iPhones since 2016. It even said, the latest iOS 11.1.2 update adds this function to last years iPhone 7. The company a year ago launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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The company said it was to stop phones with degraded batteries from shutting down unexpectedly - not to push frustrated customers into upgrading.