Sexy Is Back: Justin Timberlake Announces New Album, 'Man Of The Woods'

Jan 03, 2018, 01:59
Sexy Is Back: Justin Timberlake Announces New Album, 'Man Of The Woods'

Man of the Woods will be available to buy, stream, and download from 2 February (18). Although there were flourished of old JT in some of the songs played, the trailer gives off the impression that Timberlake is ready to get down to his Tennessee roots for real.

Expect to see and hear a lot from Justin Timberlake in 2018.

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Today, the "SexyBack" singer announced his new album, Man of the Woods, which will hit store shelves on February 2-just two days before his Super Bowl halftime show. That automatically means it's going to be a great album because Pharrell can do no wrong.

He last sang on the Super Bowl stage in 2004, during Janet Jackson's infamous performance.

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Look, Justin, we've known you for a while now, and you're for sure not a "man of the woods". But while "Drink You Away" is a jam, it definitely leans more pop than country. Hey, Beyoncé has done it with Blue Ivy, so why not have her male pop counterpart do the same with his first-born? "And it's personal", Timberlake says in the teaser.

We then cut to Timberlake's album collaborator, Pharrell Williams, raving about the track before exclaiming, "That is a smash".

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"Pusher Love Girl" may be one of the most under-appreciated songs in Timberlake's catalog. It's the former NSYNC singer's latest music collection since 2013's "The 20/20 Experience" and 2016's biggest single "Can't Stop the Feeling" from the "Trolls" soundtrack.