Big Bend National Park visitor's center closed during government shutdown

Jan 22, 2018, 01:32
Big Bend National Park visitor's center closed during government shutdown

We are prioritizing access to the most accessible and most iconic areas of parks and public lands.

Mulvaney said with the federal government shut down, parks and monuments would still be accessible. Visitors will not be asked to leave campgrounds unless there is a life and safety risk. So will air traffic controllers.

Visitors holding campground reservations should be aware that there is no guarantee their reserved campsite will be ready and available should they arrive during a government shutdown.

"There's a little different philosophy on the shutdown from the Obama administration, which was, 'We're going to try to inflict pain on the American people, '" Daines said. Federal employees want to ensure that does not happen again.

Access is not restricted on U.S. Forest Service land, but services will be unavailable. Transportation services between Mammoth and Old Faithful will remain operating as usual on their regular schedules, while tours and activities may be modified based on road and weather conditions.

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"It's basically only law enforcement that is here", said Bringman. "For Yosemite, there are only a certain number of ways in and out".

Zinke spoke with CNN on the National Mall in Washington as he shook hands with veterans and tourists outside the World War II and Lincoln memorials.

At the White House press briefing, Trump administration officials said the shutdown would not affect active-duty military personnel, border patrol agents, firefighters, the post office or airport security screeners.

And at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, staff are at work beginning the shutdown process, said Susanne McDonald, the park's superintendent, but visitors may still attend the park during business hours. However park rangers and concession stands there to serve visitors won't be around to help this time. The District Four congressman vows these tactics will not be used again as he has been reassured by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke the entrance gates to the Yosemite will not come down if a shutdown is not averted by midnight tonight. A budget extension was needed by midnight Friday to keep funding the US government.

The Senate had yet to vote on a bill just before 5 p.m.

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A day before the 2013 shutdown, Trump told Fox News that "problems start from the top". The U.S. Mail keeps delivering.

The Postal Service has its own funding and won't be affected by a shutdown.

Similarly, about 66 percent of the Bureau of Reclamation's 5,190 employees would be put on furlough under that agency's plan.

In Yosemite's case, that means the park gate will be open although no one will staff it.

The 2013 shutdown was also frequently cited by McClintock's opponents in the 2014 and 2016 elections. Republicans largely took the brunt of the resulting criticism.

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