Woman denied emotional support peacock on United Airlines flight

Feb 01, 2018, 00:38
Woman denied emotional support peacock on United Airlines flight

According to other people who have commented on the post and met the woman and her bird in other places, the peacock's name is Dexter. The airline added they told the peacock's owner three times that the bird would not be allowed on a plane before the duo arrived in Newark.

The woman, conceptual artist and photographer Ventiko, reportedly said she had a right to bring the rescue bird onboard as a "comfort animal". Dexter is a rescue pet who belongs to Brooklyn-based artist Ventiko, who documents the handsome bird's life on Instagram.

The only service and emotional support animals to trickle through the Inland Northwest's foremost airport have been dogs and the occasional house cat.

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The airlines announced on 19 January that they are tightening rules on who can take emotional support animals on flights, following an increase in the number of people bringing animals on board.

The Jet Set, a travel talk show, posted photos of the peacock's airport visit on Facebook.

"We know that some customers require an emotional support animal to assist them through their journey", the statement said. During boarding, travelers will also be required to show a doctor's note, signed veterinarian health form and proof of animal training. The law does not apply to "emotional support" animals, however.

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In fact, Woodward said, Spokane International Airport has a pair of support and emotional support animal relief areas, spots designated for the animals to relieve themselves. On the other hand, United Airlines stated that they had a good reason why they refused to woman. The carrier claims the policy change, which starts in March, was made in response to growing complaints of untrained animals biting customers and urinating inside the airplane.

Meanwhile here at home, Air Canada will only allow dogs to board as recognized emotional support or psychiatric service animals.

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