United States patrol officer injured in Canadian premier Justin Trudeau motorcade mishap

Feb 11, 2018, 03:49
United States patrol officer injured in Canadian premier Justin Trudeau motorcade mishap

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau picked up promises of investments and jobs during his first official visit to San Francisco, where he promoted Canada as a destination for California technology firms frustrated by uncertain US immigration laws.

The officer's motorcycle collided with a vehicle Friday in Simi Valley, according to spokesman Steve Swindle of the Ventura County Fire Department.

If free trade between Canada and the US was a bad idea, "then there are no good ideas", Trudeau said during his speech to local and state legislators.

"America has no better friend, ally or partner than Canada", he said.

Trudeau, who is on a four-day trip to the USA, will travel about 40 miles to visit Los Angeles on Friday.

Trudeau has tried to make the case to Americans during his four-day swing through the United States that trade has been a boon for their country, despite their concerns.

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The location is a symbolic choice, referring to the longstanding trade relationship between the US and Canada.

Trudeau has said Trump should not snap the ties just for the sake of "winning". He said negotiators are also within range of closing "several more bread-and-butter chapters" at the next meeting.

But he says income inequality is growing worldwide.

But he added: "President Trump and I agree about this: Too many people have been left behind, even as our economies surged".

NAFTA's "benefits must be shared more", he said. "We see friendship as a strength and conflict as a weakness".

"The GOP is conservative".

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The Liberal leader's full-throated support of the free trade that Reagan trumpeted - and invoking the former presidents words on free trade with Canada - will cause a shake-up among American conservatives, particularly think-tanks that have influence over President Donald Trump's policies, said Sean Speer, a senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

Trump called the agreement a job-killing "disaster" on the campaign trail.

Trudeau indicated his government was in no rush to deal with amnesty ahead of when the new legal cannabis regime takes effect.

Trudeau's vehicle did not stop.

A speech in which Trudeau evokes Reagan could force Republicans who lionize the former president to reconcile abandoning one of their hero's key accomplishments, Speer said.

Trudeau received two standing ovations, once when he was introduced by Frederick Ryan Jr., board chair of the Reagan Presidential Foundation, and once he finished. "Let us keep applying ourselves with unswerving dedication, with fierce ambition, relentless optimism and unfailing courage".

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