Liberals outraged: Trump wants to replace food stamps - with food!

Feb 14, 2018, 17:40
Liberals outraged: Trump wants to replace food stamps - with food!

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney compared the idea to Blue Apron, the meal-kit delivery service that sends subscribers gourmet recipes and ingredients.

"This cost-effective approach will generate significant savings to taxpayers with no loss in food benefits to participants", the proposal said.

In the biggest shakeup of the decades-old food stamp program, the Trump administration proposed on Monday to substitute part of the monthly cash payments with "100 percent American grown food" given to recipients. He received electronic benefits each month on a card.

Food stamp participation had already begun to significantly drop as a result of the improved economy following Trump's win in the U.S. Presidential Election. The "America's Harvest Box", which is what the proposed program is being called by the Department of Agriculture, would include non-perishable US grown and produced food items such as shelf-stable milk, peanut butter, canned fruits and meats, and cereal.

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The proposal would impact more than 16 million people - or roughly 81% of those receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Under the proposal, SNAP recipients would begin to receive some of their benefits in the form of a package with groceries inside.

"If (Iowans) are getting less in terms of SNAP, they are going to need more from our pantries and meal sites and our other partners", he said.

"NGA is extremely concerned with the president's budget proposal, as it abandons the proven free-market model on the ill-advised assumption that the government can purchase and provide food more efficiently than its current private-sector partners".

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Smaller convenience stores in the Wilmington area, who wished to remain anonymous, said the change would reduce their sales, but to a lesser degree than food stores. "States will have substantial flexibility in designing the food box delivery system through existing infrastructure, partnerships, or commercial/retail delivery services".

"It's taking away client choice and pushing the distribution cost onto state and local governments and the not-for-profit sector when they can not afford it", added Calvert. Like when they canceled Michelle Obama's healthy school lunch program previous year because it tried to tell people what food give their kids?

However, she said having no fresh fruits and vegetables in the box, as well as recipients not being able to choose what goes into their own, concerns her. It proposes slashing Medicaid, federal housing subsidies, health insurance, and food stamps by billions of dollars.

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