Bill Haas drops out of golf tournament after fatal auto crash

Feb 16, 2018, 02:53
Bill Haas drops out of golf tournament after fatal auto crash

Bill Haas, a six-time PGA Tour victor, was injured in a multi-car crash just a few miles from the golf course on Tuesday night that left the driver of the vehicle Haas was a passenger in dead.

The driver of the BMW, a 50-year-old woman, was hospitalized in serious condition, Stoughton said.

Mr Heirigs, who said he was driving behind the red Ferrari, added that his 14-year-old daughter called police as he and Wilson rescued her. She's crying, she's screaming, she doesn't really know what happened and she was dangling into the passenger side.

Luke Wilson has been hailed a "hero" after helping pull a woman to safety following a fatal auto crash they were both involved in.

Actor Luke Wilson's auto was hit by the Ferrari carrying pro golfer Bill Haas.

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Obviously, it was also announced that Haas will not be competing in the Genesis Open as he had planned. Luke went around the back, to the trunk of the vehicle.

Police were investigating whether speed was a factor in the crash.

"I can confirm Luke Wilson was driving the vehicle, the Toyota FJ that was traveling northbound".

A message seeking comment wasn't immediately returned by a representative for Wilson, the 46-year-old Dallas-native and star of films including "Legally Blonde", "Idiocracy" and "The Royal Tenenbaums".

The driver of the Ferrari, Mark Gibello, was killed instantly after also colliding with a BMW, the driver of which was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

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Haas, who was slated to play in the Genesis Open this upcoming weekend was involved in a vehicle accident Tuesday night.

Haas was taken to hospital but later released having escaped serious injury.

"The golfer - who suffered swelling in one of his legs but no broken bones - has now withdrawn from the tournament".

Bill Harmon, the swing coach for Haas and a close friend of Gibello, said the two only met last Thursday. Wilson was not hurt.

Haas, whose father is a nine-time PGA Tour victor, represented the United States three times at the Presidents Cup, a biennial competition between the US and an worldwide team of players from the rest of the world excluding Europe.

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