'Black Panther' drector Ryan Coogler thanks fans for movie a success

Feb 23, 2018, 02:22
'Black Panther' drector Ryan Coogler thanks fans for movie a success

His seminal arc, 'Panther's Rage, ' is considered one of the great Black Panther stories and clearly influenced the movie in key ways. In the letter, Coogler said that he felt "humbled" and "moved to tears" that people of all different ethnic backgrounds came to support the film, lauded its primarily black cast, and encouraged their friends and relatives to see the film as well.

Who would be in it?

Just yesterday we posted on the excitement had by many Atlanta travelers as the ATL airport had a gate that said flights were heading to Wakanda, the magical land in Marvels's Black Panther. Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya and Angela Bassett co-star.

What plot would a sequel explore?

In it, we have King T'Challa coming out at the United Nations.

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On the other side of the world, in America, you have Jordan as Erik Killmonger, the protagonist who had most black Americans briefly rooting for him because of his ideas of black liberation: Killmonger is a Wakandan-American who grew up in Oakland and knows their plight all too well. He got his throne when he was very young.

There are hardly any characters in Black Panther for moviegoers to attach themselves to. I'm not a huge fan of the Marvel movies and their exhausted formula, but you know what?

Both Marvel Studios and ABC News are owned by Disney. NME dubbed the film "the best Marvel movie yet" in our review. As in the comics, Shuri could become Queen of Wakanda - even being given the "Black Panther" title when T'Challa goes to NY - while Nakia could have a brief spell as a villain.

Does that mean Bucky will replace White Wolf?

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Could there be an LGBTQ+ romance?

Still, in the comic books Ayo has a same-sex relationship with a woman called Aneka, who isn't in the film.

I didn't fully comprehend it at the time, but having representation in a soon-to-be booming genre of film was important. "But we always had conversations about what that final end scene could be and that version of that". So could this be Marvel's moment? We'll pay. Same goes for Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, Aboriginal, all-female casts, differently abled actors...should we continue? Or, could Aneka appear as a new character?

The (potentially) earliest date a sequel could be released on would be either November 2020 or February 2021.

Every aspect of Wakanda and its people not only are inspired and taken from black/african culture but are modernized; showing that the stigma of primitiveness related to african peoples and cultures are not that but are a deeply sophisticated design that could easily be apart of the modern world.

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