Best Buy Will Sell Amazon Fire TVs In Exclusive Partnership

Apr 19, 2018, 02:05
Best Buy Will Sell Amazon Fire TVs In Exclusive Partnership

In addition, the TVs will be sold via the Amazon Marketplace with Best Buy as the third-party seller. Toshiba and Insignia will be building Fire TV Edition models that are available only at Best Buy. The Fire Edition TVs by Insignia and Toshiba are created to work seamlessly with Amazon's own voice assistant Alexa.

The new Fire TV Edition televisions are 4K sets that have Amazon's Fire platform built in.

Such a collaboration would have unthinkable only a few years ago, when many observers believed Amazon was gradually killing Best Buy as it has other electronics retailers.

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And in the previous year, Best Buy has rolled out Amazon Alexa displays, as well as those for Google Home, to 700 stores to better explain how to link those devices to other household gadgets.

Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly said the new Fire TVs will provide customers with a "incredible user experience".

The partnership with Amazon is an example of Best Buy's unique role in working with the world's foremost technology companies, helping to commercialize their innovations and bring them to life for the consumer. Searching for content on streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and others alleviates the task of entering in phrases character by character with an on screen keyboard.

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Amazon and Best Buy are teaming to bring the next generation of Fire TV Edition smart televisions to market in the US and Canada.

Fire TV Edition continues to improve even after your purchase, with more new Alexa skills, software features, and applications added regularly. While a shopper can easily buy a tablet or a home automation device online, they get a better visual of a TV's performance in the store (particularly if it has 4K or HD resolution), and often will make a purchasing decision based on what they see in person. Amazon, like Google, uses their digital assistant to meet the desires of the end user as closely as possible.

The retailers announced today (April 18) that they're joining forces to sell televisions across the USA and Canada.

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