France's Macron suggests Trump can not 'make war' against everybody, everything

Apr 23, 2018, 12:29
France's Macron suggests Trump can not 'make war' against everybody, everything

The French president made his comments ahead of a three-day state visit to Washington, adding that the Iran situation did give rise to some concerns.

Under the nuclear deal - signed in 2015 by Iran, France, the United States, China, Britain, Russia and Germany - Tehran agreed to restrictions and intensive monitoring meant to ensure it could not build a nuclear weapon.

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday said he has a "very special relationship" with President Donald Trump, calling them both "mavericks" of the political system during an interview on "Fox News Sunday".

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Less than a year after they shared an intimate meal on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, Trump and First Lady Melania will host Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron for a private dinner at Mount Vernon, the home of the first United States president George Washington.

Tuesday night will be a state dinner at the White House at which Brigitte Macron may wear a gown by Louis Vuitton, her designer of choice.

President Trump faces a European double bill this week as a crucial deadline looms on whether he will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. "Macron has mastered the art of the deal when it comes to Trump - forget about the substance, focus on his feelings, furnishing him with flattery and a touch of French flair".

Macron said his message will be "don't leave now because you don't have a better option".

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Macron, a former investment banker elected past year on a centrist, anti-establishment platform, also attempted to settle a controversy about whether he indeed persuaded Trump to keep US forces in Syria - after the two countries and the United Kingdom recently participated in a USA -led missile strike on chemical weapons facilities in Syria connected to regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Macron also cited the shared goal of reining in Iran as he argued for a long-term USA commitment in Syria - where Paris and Washington have cooperated in fighting the Islamic State group and coordinated strikes on Syrian regime chemical weapons installations.

Can Macron's White House visit save the Iran deal? "And I think the US today has a very strong role to play for peace in different regions of the world and especially the Middle East".

When asked about their first encounter - a much-scrutinized six-second handshake during a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in May - Macron acknowledged it had was a "very direct, lucid moment" that had set the tone between them. "My objective is to highlight a long-term history between our two countries based on values; we are very much attached to the same values and especially liberty and peace".

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