Iranian President Snubs US' List Of Demands For New Nuclear Deal

May 22, 2018, 22:18
Iranian President Snubs US' List Of Demands For New Nuclear Deal

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani speaks during an extraordinary meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Turkey May 18, 2018.

"Most European nations are likely to continue their support of the Iran deal because they opposed Trump's ending of that agreement". "The world today does not accept America to decide for the world, as countries are independent".

"The insignificant, insulting and secondary remarks of the new US Secretary of State and his unacceptable attitude to the great and civilized Iranian nation testify to the US government officials' despair and helpless stance on the Iranians", the statement read.

Under a portrait of the late Iranian revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, worshippers chant slogans in a pro-Palestinian rally in Tehran.

Kowsari said that the Iranian people back Soleimani. A free, democratic, non-belligerent, and non-nuclear Iran is key to peace and stability in the region; anything else would maintain chaos and instability in the region.

Not surprisingly, Iran rejected Pompeo's demands as well.

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The Treasury Department already has reimposed sanctions on the head of Iran's Central Bank and other companies and groups. "Coupling this with what comes across as an insistence on Iran's full capitulation will set off "regime change" alarm bells in Pyongyang". "After our sanctions come in force, it will be battling to keep its economy alive". He said Iran's people must be the ones to decide and "make a choice about their leadership". "It will not have the resources to do both", Pompeo said.

Iran can legally sue the United States over its illegal measures and threats, he added. "With friends like that, who needs enemies", European Council President Donald Tusk groused recently.

"While the global coalition may be unlikely to come from the way that the Trump administration has approached this new course, there will still be efforts to coordinate with Europe and prevent unilateral sanctioning by the United States", Mahaffee said.

Pompeo did offer Iran a series of dramatic potential USA concessions if it agrees to make "major changes".

The speech was a fresh example of the Trump administration's maximalist with-us-or-against-us strategy that's also playing out over North Korea's nuclear program.

Iran's nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi told EU's energy chief Miguel Arias Canete in Tehran Saturday that the ball was in European leaders' court as he hoped the European Union would fulfill its pledges "in the near future".

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that to meet USA demands, Iran would have to transform itself into another country altogether and acknowledge a secondary status in the Middle East hierarchy.

It should be clear by now that Iranian regime's pursuit of nuclear weapons will only be definitively resolved once that regime is no longer in power.

"We're open to new steps with not only our allies and partners, but with Iran as well", he said. Currently, inspectors must outline the basis for their suspicions. At least six Americans are imprisoned or unaccounted for, and they are widely considered to be bargaining chips. Netanyahu called for other countries to follow America's lead. The company has sought a waiver from the Trump administration, but after Pompeo's speech, it seems unlikely. "And one can not help but think that is the strategy and the goal".

"Our demands on Iran are not unreasonable: give up your program", Pompeo said, "Should they choose to go back, should they begin to enrich, we are fully prepared to respond to that as well", he said, declining to elaborate. We will track down Iranian operatives and the Hezbollah proxies operating around the world, and we will crush them.

"Pompeo has not outlined a strategy, but rather a grab bag of wishful thinking that can only be interpreted as a call for regime change in Iran", Suzanne Maloney of the Brookings' Centre for Middle East Policy wrote on Twitter. Are they not the most responsible for your economic struggles? The GCC's pro-isolation bloc, which includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, believes that Iran is the primary source of instability in the Middle East and that Tehran must be contained at all costs. "It is worth the Iranian people considering".

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