Warriors confirm Iguodala to miss NBA Finals opener

May 31, 2018, 17:21
Warriors confirm Iguodala to miss NBA Finals opener

The Warriors face James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for a fourth consecutive year in the NBA Finals, starting tomorrow (2am United Kingdom time).

Steve Kerr recalled a pretty hilarious story about one of the first times he had to guard Michael Jordan back when the now-Warriors head coach was a player on the Cavaliers, before he was MJ's teammate.

Thompson has a point, as the Warriors winning the 2017 championship in dominant fashion spurred several teams to make big moves in attempts to compete with the Warriors, to varying degrees of success.

OAKLAND, Calif. - For the second time in the last four years, the Cleveland Cavaliers enter the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors without All-Star Kevin Love as a lock to play in Game 1.

Next up is a Warriors team that have won two of the last three NBA Finals and boast riches few teams have ever claimed and can shoot the lights out most any night.

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"I think the rest of the NBA's got to get better".

"It's the craziest thing that the two teams that had the highest stake in Irving ended up playing each other for the ticket to the Finals and Kyrie's not involved with either of them".

The Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics in their own seven-game series to reach their fourth straight finals.

Beyond the fact that some people may just be bored with this seemingly annual event, there is the larger question of whether the Cavaliers can muster enough from King James' court to create any true competitive drama.

"This is the biggest difference that I remember between two teams heading into the Finals in my time in the NBA", said Van Gundy, whose association with the Association dates to 1989. But you know what, he'll be back.

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Iguodala has averaged 7.9 points, 4.9 rebounds and 3.1 assists a game in the playoffs.

"There's a lot of just built-up anxiety, I guess, about this moment". When it comes to team sports, that's something you hope you can be a part of.

As David Purdum notes in his recent article for ESPN, Cavs superstar LeBron James has been an underdog in seven of his nine Finals appearances. "Then you get into the relatability of a guy". But in the playoffs, Cleveland used consecutive wins in Canada to begin a shockingly easy four-game sweep in the Eastern semifinals.

"Draymond was on my team, and he was just like, "Look, you can't do nothing about that".

Stephen Curry kept the game ball tucked under his left arm long after Monday's game, toddler daughter Ryan held in his right arm. When they lose, it's because Steph Curry played poorly. I went to the Olympics. That is a tall order considering the defending champions have scored at least 100 points in 13 of their 17 playoff games. As a basketball fan, to turn on the TV last night and watch the game and there were points in the game where you didn't know how it was going to play out and they found a way to get it done, so shout-out to him.

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James said that he and Iguodala were almost teammates but he was picked by Philadelphia 9th in the 2004 NBA Draft one spot before Cleveland would have taken him.