Warner Bros. Set to Reveal New Hitman Content

Jun 06, 2018, 12:49
Warner Bros. Set to Reveal New Hitman Content

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The new logo, which was quickly spotted by Eurogamer before being pulled, removes nearly all doubt: we're about to see Hitman 2 (here's the logo's original URL if you're curious, or if you enjoy 404 errors). Despite its success, Square Enix released IO Interactive last May, cutting the company loose based on "disagreements" with the franchise, leaving Agent 47's future in question.

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A logo for Hitman 2 popped up briefly on publisher Warner Bros.

Taking into account the fact that the most recent Hitman game was initially released as an episodic experience, the aforementioned tease from Warner Bros.

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Our guess is that Warner Bros will simply handle the distribution of the game and IO Interactive will retain the game's rights.

A new Hitman sequel is set to be revealed later this week, but its publisher has already stealth killed any chance of a surprise. Not content to let fans make up information, IO Interactive has released an official teaser for the future of Hitman and it is pretty damn vague. That's followed by a quick video that says "target incoming", before following up with "access denied" and the "June 7th, 2018" date.

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