Apple Music Reportedly Beats Spotify in Number of Paid U.S. Subscribers

Jul 10, 2018, 01:00
Apple Music Reportedly Beats Spotify in Number of Paid U.S. Subscribers

That report now ranks Apple Music as first in the United States, at least among primarily on-demand music streaming services (Sirius XM Satellite Radio, which operates in North America exclusively, has more than 33 million subscribers).

Apple Music had from 21 million to 21.5 million subscribers in the of last week, while Spotify had between 22 million to 22.5 million, according to unnamed executive sources cited by theFinancial Times. SiriusXM satellite radio, which does not offer specific songs on demand, beats both Apple and Spotify with 33 million paid U.S. subscribers.

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Back in February the Wall Street Journal learned Apple Music was on pace to surpass Spotify in terms of paid USA subscribers.

The new information is right in line with the Wall Street Journal's previous predictions. However, considering the company filed to go public in the USA in April, reports that its primary competition there has made up what was once a massive lead won't be welcome news, especially to investors. As more HomePods and iPhones are sold, more customers will become exposed to the tech giant's streaming service.

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Apple de-throned Spotify even though both platforms have a little over 20 million subscribers.

Globally, however, Spotify is still in the lead with over 160 million subscribers.

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Technology giant Apple has narrowed Spotify's lead in the music streaming market. Apple Music, on the other hand, has only been around for three years. Back then the Apple US-based subscriber growth rate was 5 percent in the country as compared to Spotify's 2 percent.