This top 10 USA medical school offering free tuition

Aug 19, 2018, 02:15
This top 10 USA medical school offering free tuition

"An Updated Look at Attendance Cost and Medical Student Debt at U.S. Medical Schools". The move closely follows its decision in 2013 to join a select group of USA medical schools offering an accelerated three-year curriculum.

With high medical education costs, some graduates choose to pursue more lucrative specialties, creating a shortage in lower-paying fields. Medical schools across the country have made efforts to alleviate the burden of medical school debt but NYU is the first major institution to eliminate the burden entirely for all its students.

According to an article in U.S. News and World Report, medical schools have said that an applicant who expresses genuine interest in a medical field where doctors are scarce stands to get more favorable consideration than an applicant who does not express such an interest.

"I'm so happy NYU school of medicine if giving full scholarships to upcoming and current students!" It has even been shown to contribute to suicidal thoughts.

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Income is a particularly sensitive issue for those pursuing primary care.

High levels of debt are impacting the physician workforce, NYU medical dean of admissions Dr. Rafael Rivera told WCBS-TV.

NYU estimates it will need about $600 million to fund the tuition package in perpetuity.

How much does medical school cost?

Medical school tuition at NYU this year is $55,018.

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In 2013, NYU School of Medicine, along with a number of its institutional peers, began offering an accelerated three-year curriculum as a way to address the student debt crisis. It does not cover living and administrative costs averaging US$27,000 a year. There are now 442 students enrolled, including the 102 new students entering this fall semester.

This decision to cover medical tuition has been followed at other schools in the nation to some degree. Students will be able to choose between standard 4-year form of education, or an accelerated 3-year. Sometimes the option is only available to those interested in primary care to try to boost the workforce. NYU's plan was announced at the ending of their annual "White Coat Ceremony", where new students and their families celebrate the beginning of their new journey. The average private medical school charged $54,877 per year during the same time. The financial support and commitment it takes for a school to provide such a broad incentive to students isn't realistic for all schools, said Julie Fresne, director of student financial services at the Association of American Medical Colleges. What's more, 21 percent of doctors graduating from a private school do so with over $300,000 of educational debt.

Columbia also announced that 20 percent of medical school students with the greatest financial need will receive full-tuition scholarships.

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