Hurricane Michael leaves 6 dead in US

Oct 13, 2018, 00:41
Hurricane Michael leaves 6 dead in US

Michael, so powerful that it remained a hurricane for 12 hours after making landfall in Mexico Beach, thrashed the Carolinas and Virginia and was growing stronger again over the Atlantic, where the National Hurricane Center predicted it would eventually menace Britain with tropical-storm force winds. "It's a disaster zone down here".

Long said that now, search-and-rescue operations are a priority, adding, "The power's not going to be on for a while", the Weather Channel reported.

It is now forecasted that at least 14 storms would hit the United States in this hurricane season, which is up by three from the last forecast.

Warnings have also been been expanded to the USA east coast, from Fernandina Beach - just north of Jacksonville - to SC, as forecasters fear the storm will spread rapidly as it moves inland.

Linda Marquardt rode out Hurricane Michael with her husband at their home in Mexico Beach. It could send life-threatening surges of ocean water to coastal areas throughout the state.

A man outside Tallahassee, Florida, was killed by a falling tree was the first of "4 storm-related fatalities" announced by the Gadsden County Sheriff's office. The destruction in this and other communities dotting the white-sand beaches is being called catastrophic - and it will need billions of dollars to rebuild.

"When the water came in, houses started floating in front of our home", he said. "It was bad, and now there's just nothing left".

More than 700,000 homes and businesses were without power in Florida, Alabama and Georgia early Thursday.

It devastated Florida's Panhandle region, leaving much of the area in ruins.

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Further inland half the buildings were reduced to piles of wood, and those still standing had been left heavily damaged.

Images from there showed swathes of shattered debris where houses once stood and structures inundated up to their rooftops; the streets of Panama City, farther west, were blocked by downed tree limbs and impossible tangles of power lines.

The storm shreds the roof of a suburban home. Hundreds of cars had broken windows, many turned askew by the wind.

The hurricane damaged hospitals and nursing homes in the Panama City area, and officials worked to evacuate hundreds of patients. "Help is coming by air, land, and sea".

Local officials are warning that not almost enough people have evacuated as they would wish.

"I will not recall you and your families until we can guarantee your safety". "I would have to say at least as long as it did for Hurricane Andrew, and that took months and months".

Florida Gov. Rick Scott encouraged people to stay home while crews moved in to begin repairing damaged infrastructure and search for victims.

"So many lives have been changed forever".

An insurance company that produces models for catastrophes estimated Michael caused about $8 billion in damage. An 11-year-old girl was killed when part of a metal carport crashed into her family's trailer in Lake Seminole and struck her in the head, local officials said.

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As many as 320,000 people on Florida's Gulf Coast had disregarded evacuation notices, according to Brad Kieserman of the American Red Cross. Four of them drowned, including James King of Dry Fork, Virginia.

"The community's pretty resilient", said Gregg Troy, 67.

The storm is likely to fire up the debate over global warming.

Although weaker as it pushed over the southeastern United States, the storm carried high winds and delivered drenching rains to Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia.

The extent of the damage was becoming clear on Thursday as AFP reporters and photographers toured affected areas and USA television networks flew helicopters along the coast.

More than 375,000 people up and down the Gulf Coast had been ordered or urged to clear out as Michael closed in. But the fate of many residents was unknown. "The home was found smashed, with no sign of the woman".

Do not think you can survive it. "Do you think it would have floated away?" she asked.

An Associated Press team drove for miles and encountered extensive destruction around Panama City. Others include Jonathan Drew in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Seth Borenstein in Kensington, Maryland.

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