White Woman Calls 911, Says Black Boy Groped Her

Oct 16, 2018, 05:19
White Woman Calls 911, Says Black Boy Groped Her

Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach a representative of Sahara Deli for comment; however, the owner told Pix11: "The woman has a history of being 'unwell.'" Heavy also reported that Klein, of Missouri, studied sociology at the University of Missouri and is a former actress and performer. "I was just sexually assaulted by a child".

"That's right, the son grabbed my ass, and [the mother] made a decision to yell at me", she says on the call. In the background, you can hear the cries of the child that Klein said disrespected her.

"You just see her going to the store and back", Littlejohn said of Klein.

The video itself went viral shortly after it was posted with over 6 million views as of Friday evening.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is calling on the NYPD to investigate Klein and determine whether or not she broke the law, comparing the incident to a "modern-day Emmett Till moment".

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The altercation has blown up on social media with angry users labeling Klein "Cornerstore Caroline" following a string of similar incidents of white women calling authorities on a black person for seemingly unnecessary reasons. She could have walked away, but she didn't.

"Cornerstore Caroline" talking to reporters of the whole ordeal.

The woman identified as Theresa claimed the 9-year-old boy "grabbed my ass", but the footage shows him merely brushing against her - corroborating the claims of eyewitnesses inside the store who said the boy did not "assault" the woman.

The woman continues her tirade, telling the dispatcher: 'White lady calls the cops on black lady, I get it.

Ironically, the bodega security footage is working against her case.

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He followed that up with another video - this one showing police officers arriving at the woman's home.

On Friday, a Pix11 news crew visited Klein's apartment; however, she refused to speak, instead calling 911 on the reporters. This can't be allowed. Teresa seems shockingly determined to use the police as her personal butlers-but more on that later.

A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $11,000 for his education.

Another customer weighed in on what she saw: "Me and my son were recording it, thinking if the white [woman] call the police, who knows, maybe the mom could go to jail", Joni Torian, who witnessed the dispute, told the Post.

"I would like to raise money for his education, whether for his primary, secondary or higher education, this young boy deserves our love and support. I am hoping that we can bring some joy to his life".

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"Meet Cornerstore Caroline" White Woman calls police on a black kid, saying he sexually assaulted her".