Health department clears romaine from local businesses

Nov 26, 2018, 00:14
Health department clears romaine from local businesses

Consumer Advice Because of the ongoing outbreak, the CDC is recommending members of the public to refrain from consuming romaine lettuce, and for retailers and restaurants to not sell or serve them while investigations are still ongoing.

Romaine's increased susceptibility comes down to several factors, he said.

He suspects the USA has gone a step further than Canada in part because US authorities reported 32 cases of E. coli, 13 of which involved a person who was hospitalized.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has tested over 2,000 samples of fresh lettuce and packaged salads, but still can't determine the source of the outbreak.

Eight people have been hospitalized and one suffered from hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) - a severe complication that can result from E.coli infection.

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She said washing contaminated lettuce won't ensure that harmful germs are killed. In the earlier outbreak, the warnings about romaine from Yuma might have been confusing, he said. "We believe it's related to lettuce harvested from California", Gottlieb tweeted.

There are no reported cases of E. coli in Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island. If you develop any of these symptoms after eating romaine lettuce, you should contact a health professional, officials said.

Warriner conducted a study that showed romaine lettuce extracts prompted E. coli out of a dormant state, which it can remain in for about a year in soil, and allowed it to flourish.

In the case of the current situation, epidemiological evidence has pointed to romaine lettuce as the common product.

"We assume that romaine lettuce in the harmful not because the plant contains harmful substances, but the plant was exposed to secondary contamination from water, soil, and other external factors during the cultivation process", said a source from MAFRA.

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The current E. coli outbreak has sickened 32 people since early October, with 13 hospitalizations and one person reportedly developing a type of kidney failure.

However, the CFIA has said if the contaminated food products are identified in Canada, they will take the necessary steps to protect the public, including recalling the product. Most said they ate romaine lettuce before they got sick.

What is E. coli 0157:H7?

People usually notice symptoms three to four days after they have been infected, but symptoms can start any time.

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