GoFundMe page raises money for ladders at proposed border wall

Dec 25, 2018, 01:12
GoFundMe page raises money for ladders at proposed border wall

A partial U.S. government shutdown over budget spending could continue right up to the opening of the next Congress on 3 January, a Trump aide has said.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer voted for the Secure Fence Act, which passed the Senate on an 80-19 vote.

The border wall, his unpopular decision to withdraw troops from Syria and why the Federal Reserve is like a powerful golfer who can't putt were all addressed in ten tweets sent within three hours on Monday morning.

With ultra-conservative lawmakers and media commentators demanding that the president stick to his campaign promises, Trump stood his ground on the wall. Rather than work around the clock, as in past shutdowns, the leaders of the House and the Senate effectively closed shop. Trump had pledged that Mexico would pay for the wall; Mexico has refused.

Mulvaney, who also runs the White House budget office, said he's awaiting a response from Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY after the administration on Saturday presented Schumer with a counteroffer in the long-running dispute over funding the wall.

ASSOCIATED PRESS               Border wall prototypes stand in San Diego near the Mexico US border seen from Tijuana Mexico
ASSOCIATED PRESS Border wall prototypes stand in San Diego near the Mexico US border seen from Tijuana Mexico

Trump's demand for a US$5 billion US-Mexico border wall - a pillar of his election platform - has been rejected by Democrats and some Republicans.

Trump's Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had spent much of the weekend in damage control mode following reports that Trump had privately asked cabinet members whether he has the authority to fire Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

Negotiations between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration over the president's demands for a border wall have so far not yielded an agreement, making it likely that the shutdown will continue until after Christmas.

According to a report by Democrats on the senate appropriations committee, more than 420,000 federal employees deemed essential would continue to work without pay during a partial shutdown, including about 41,000 law enforcement and corrections officers and almost 150,000 Homeland Security employees.

Donald Trump has warned it could be "a long stay" as he negotiates with Democrats to end a partial U.S. government shutdown.

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"It's Christmas Eve and President Trump is plunging the country into chaos", the two said in a joint statement.

The South Carolina senator said he was glad Trump "picked this fight", explaining that if Republicans don't fight for more money for border security now, Democrats will never let them have it.

Democrats and some Republicans in Congress oppose the plans as impractical, unnecessary and fuelling xenophobia against Central Americans.

Forced to delay his annual winter vacation in Florida, Trump cuts an increasingly lonely figure in the White House, where he presides over a government lacking a permanent defence secretary, attorney general or White House chief of staff. "The president wanted the shutdown, but he seems not to know how to get himself out of it".

President Donald Trump was struggling to get into the festive spirit on Christmas Eve, tweeting "poor me" and complaining he was "all alone" in the White House waiting for Democrats to make a deal to avert a partial government shutdown. It's a spectacle. And, candidly, it's juvenile. More than half are deemed essential and are expected to work without pay, through retroactive pay is expected.

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There was a flurry of activity Friday night and Saturday, including a proposal to end the impasse from the White House to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. Trump recently declared he'd be "proud" to shut down the government over border issues.

Schumer has been an outspoken critic of the border wall and says he will not change his strategy due to the recent government shutdown.

Mulvaney appeared on "Fox News Sunday" and ABC's "This Week".

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