Democrats care more about keeping borders open than government

Dec 29, 2018, 01:32
Democrats care more about keeping borders open than government

Sanders blasted Democrats for the standoff that is now expected to keep roughly 800,000 federal workers from receiving paychecks into the New Year, claiming they have "left the table altogether" but would not offer details on what the president might be willing to agree to. He tweeted Thursday evening that Democrats may be able to block him now, "but we have the issue, Border Security".

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to "entirely" close the southern U.S. border with Mexico if lawmakers refuse his demands to fund a wall.

Mulvaney said Trump is willing to shut down the border, despite the economic hit as $558 billion worth of goods flowed across the border previous year, because "all options are on the table" and "it's the only way we can get the Democrats' attention".

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"I think the president lives in this delusional world fed by Fox News and a couple of right-wing talking heads and does not connect actions with consequences", Mr. Connelly, a Virginia Democrat who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said on CNN. Gates are closed at some national parks, the government won't issue new federal flood insurance policies and in NY, the chief judge of Manhattan federal courts suspended work on civil cases involving US government lawyers, including several civil lawsuits in which Trump himself is a defendant. Democrats said the White House offered $2.5 billion for border security, but that Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told Vice President Mike Pence it wasn't acceptable.

Roberts said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, of NY, and other Democrats need to come up with an "appropriate number" and language for border security funding that Trump will sign.

Mulvaney said the President is "very heavily engaged on this on a minute-by-minute basis". "He's staying in Washington, DC, over New Year's". Mulvaney said the offer was made on Saturday, but Democrats are no longer considering that option.

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Democrats brushed off the White House's attempt to cast blame. "We're going to behave like adults and do our job". If such a bill were to pass the House and again win support in the Senate, it would then go to Trump. Senate Republicans approved that compromise in an earlier bill with Democrats but now say they won't be voting on any more unless something is agreed to by all sides, including Trump.

White House aides ignored several requests for comment about any talks Thursday ahead of what turned out to be short House and Senate sessions.

As a result, he said, "we will be cutting off all aid" to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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