Elizabeth Warren's 'Exploratory Committee' To Challenge Donald Trump Explained For Brits

Jan 01, 2019, 02:04
Elizabeth Warren's 'Exploratory Committee' To Challenge Donald Trump Explained For Brits

The Massachusetts progressive said in a New Years Eve email and video message to supporters that she's launching an exploratory committee for a presidential run, which would give her a potential early edge in fundraising and organization.

Warren announced the move in a video that emphasized her roots in Oklahoma and her work as an educator, academic and advocate for increased regulation of the financial industry. "How did we get here? And they enlisted politicians to cut them a fatter slice". She'll be 70 in February 2020 at the start of nominating contests, which will feature scores of millennial and non-white voters who want candidates that are culturally relevant to them. She has also consistently shown that she's willing to fight with President Trump.

Warren has been a strong voice in the U.S. Senate on financial issues and a self-described defender of the ordinary American against powerful interests. It was her upbringing, and family lore, that caused her to say for several years that she was Native American - a claim that has come under relentless attack from Republican opponents, prompting the DNA test that triggered a Democratic backlash.

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Warren has been a polarizing figure since her emergence as the main proponent of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and she has been one of the most harshly critical detractors of the financial services industry. But her outspoken criticism of the banking industry has also earned her the ire of some conservatives. In 2016, she famously told the then CEO of Well Fargo he "should resign" for leading the bank during a time when it created fake accounts.

Sen. Kamala Harris: The California senator is "eyeing Baltimore or Atlanta" as a possible base of operations for her presidential bid, The New York Times reported. And while she never mentions President Donald Trump by name, both he and his administration officials appear onscreen when Warren talks about an "echo chamber of fear and hate".

Warren enters a Democratic field that's shaping up as the most crowded in decades, with many of her Senate colleagues openly weighing their own campaigns, as well as governors, mayors and other prominent citizens. Her fundraising prowess and popularity in progressive circles has left many in Washington referring to her as one of a few early front-runners as well, though more than two dozen other Democrats are also rumored to be considering presidential runs.

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In an exclusive interview set to air during Fox News" "All-American New Year' special Monday night, President Trump suggested that only Massachusetts Democratic Sen.

Elizabeth Warren is this close to running.

"Somebody does need to challenge the president", he said. "She did very badly in proving that she was of Indian heritage". In October, she released a DNA analysis she said supported her assertion that she had Native American lineage that goes back six to 10 generations. In a statement posted to Twitter, Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. stated that a DNA test is "useless to determine tribal citizenship". Trump's taunting did not end.

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