Signs of GOP unease over shutdown as White House talks start

Jan 07, 2019, 00:09
Signs of GOP unease over shutdown as White House talks start

A variety of strategies are being floated inside and outside the White House, among them trading wall funding for a deal on immigrants brought to the country as young people and now here illegally, or using a national emergency declaration to build the wall. It has to do with a wall is an immorality between countries. She won the speakership by 220-192 vote over the Republican leader Congress Kevin McCarthy, who is now the House Minority Leader.

The first bill they passed with a 239-192 vote would provide stopgap funding for the Department of Homeland Security through February 8, according to The Hill. "They called upon the beauty of our constitution, that our system of checks and balances that protects our democracy, remembering that the legislative branch is Article 1 - the first branch of government is co-equal to the presidency and to the judiciary".

That includes $12 billion in new money for foreign aid, $2 billion in funding Mr. Trump doesn't want to see in the Environmental Protection Agency and $7.1 billion he says isn't needed in the Housing and Urban Development Department.

At the end of November, she secured the nomination to become speaker by winning support from a majority of House Democrats - a total of 203 votes in closed-door leadership elections.

Trump appeared at the hastily organized briefing to congratulate Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi on her election as the next House speaker and to reiterate his demand for a southern border wall.

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"Trump said Pelosi told him Friday, "'We're not looking to impeach you'". "It's an old way of thinking, it isn't cost effective".

She added that spending money on "more infrastructure at the ports of entry" and better technology would be more efficient.

It may be a new day and a new Congress, but hope is already a scarce commodity. A handful of Republicans broke ranks on each measure to vote "yes" with the Democrats.

She closed her remarks by remembering the late President George H.W. Bush and his work with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and she noted that Rep. Jim Langevin of Rhode Island, the first quadriplegic elected to Congress, will be the first Democrat to preside in the new Congress.

After being sworn in, Crow outlined a mission of public service for himself and new congressional representatives.

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In overall, Democrats have a 235-199 majority in the House, with one seat still in dispute after allegations of election fraud in the state of North Carolina. Most Democratic lawmakers campaigned on kitchen table issues such as health care and jobs and prefer to keep them at the forefront of the party's focus.

"I invite you to deliver your State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 in the House Chamber", Pelosi wrote in a letter to Trump, a copy of which she posted on Twitter.

President Trump said officials had apprehended 17,000 criminals trying to get across the border into America a year ago.

How has the shutdown come about? The House Democrats scheduled votes for their legislation to reopen the government just hours after the swearing-in ceremonies wrapped up.

The president was flanked at the briefing by Border Patrol officers who were there to advocate for Trump's demands for a wall as the partial government shutdown stretched into its 13th day. They also said years of Republican advertising painting Pelosi as an out-of-touch radical had hurt Democrats' chances to win in moderate districts.

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