Donald Trump Fondly Recalls Firing 'Total Sleaze' James Comey

Jan 13, 2019, 02:02
Donald Trump Fondly Recalls Firing 'Total Sleaze' James Comey

Calling Comey a "crooked cop" and a "total sleaze", Trump went on to say that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director was now "being totally protected by his best friend, Bob Mueller" and his team of investigators who he argued had no interest in investigating "the Real Collusion... by Crooked Hillary Clinton, her Campaign, and the Democratic National Committee".

Friday's New York Time's report said the intelligence officials had to consider whether the president's actions had constituted a "threat to national security".

The inquiry forced counterintelligence investigators to evaluate whether Mr Trump was a potential threat to national security, and they also sought to determine whether he was deliberately working for Russian Federation or had unintentionally been influenced by Moscow.

"I was going to fire Comey knowing there was no good time to do it", Trump said in an NBC interview two days after he fired Comey.

But while Trump has slammed the probe as baseless, Mueller has issued dozens of indictments and steadily chalked up convictions of some of the president's close associates - including his former national security advisor, his former personal lawyer, and his ex-campaign chief.

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According to the New York Times, top FBI officials had already grown suspicious of Trump during the campaign but at first balked at starting a counterintelligence investigation, in part because they were "uncertain how to proceed with an inquiry of such sensitivity and magnitude".

The timing of the investigation raises questions as both Comey and FBI lawyer Lisa Page told House investigators past year that by the time the FBI director was sacked and special counsel appointed, there was no hard evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

He went on to say that the firing of Comey was a "great day for America" and called him a "Crooked Cop".

The New York Times, based on unnamed sources, said that such an investigation against Trump that was started by the FBI carried explosive implications, as the law enforcement agents sought to determine if the president was knowingly working for the Russians or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow's influence.

"We've really never had. a President of the United States who was considered to be possibly an asset of a foreign government", presidential historian Jon Meacham told MSNBC of the report.

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The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that Russian Federation engaged in a campaign of hacking and propaganda to sway voters during the 2016 election, largely aimed at bolstering Trump's chances at the presidency.

While some Republicans applauded the decision, following Comey's dismissal there were also congressional members on both sides of the aisle who rebuked President Trump for his decision.

In a strongly worded reaction, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, "This is absurd".

She also disputed that Mr Trump had ever been soft on Russian Federation.

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