Trump calls US intelligence chiefs 'extremely passive and naive' on Iran

Feb 01, 2019, 01:23
Trump calls US intelligence chiefs 'extremely passive and naive' on Iran

CNN also reported Wednesday that Coats, the nation's top intelligence official, who was appointed by Trump, had been singled out by name during a morning rant by the President as he watched highlights of the hearing.

In scathing tweets, the US President outlined the scale of the risk still posed by Tehran's nuclear ambitions and aggressive policies in the region.

"Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!".

Trump made his displeasure with the intelligence team clear on Twitter just after 6 a.m. Wednesday, but he didn't single Coats out in his tweets like he did verbally.

Mr. Trump, however, said Iran is a "source of potential danger and conflict" but are only contained because of the strain on its economy.

Trump cited Iranian rocket launches and said Tehran was "coming very close to the edge".

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Under his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, Trump said, the "relationship was horrendous and very bad things were about to happen".

Kim received a letter from Trump through a North Korean envoy who met the USA president in Washington last week according to the Korean Central News Agency.

They also challenged the president's claim that Tehran is actively seeking nuclear weapons, the justification Trump gave for withdrawing a year ago from a multilateral treaty on Iran.

In mid-December, however, as he announced he was withdrawing the 2,000 USA troops stationed in Syria, Trump declared, "We have won against ISIS", an acronym for Islamic State.

He said negotiations between the USA and Taliban fighters "are proceeding well in Afghanistan after 18 years of fighting".

Trump also cautiously suggested the end of the 18-year USA military involvement in Afghanistan that was started in response to al-Qaida's September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the US that killed almost 3,000 people.

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"Our adversaries and strategic competitors will increasingly use cyber capabilities-including cyber espionage, attack, and influence-to seek political, economic, and military advantage over the United States and its allies and partners", Daniel Coats told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday as he presented the annual worldwide threat assessment.

It's the first time in about a month that the security adviser, considered a hardliner within the Trump administration, has openly spoken about North Korea. For instance, Director of National Intelligence Chief Dan Coats noted that ISIS still has "thousands of fighters" at large, while Trump has insisted the terror group has been defeated. For instance, Trump has said ISIS was all but defeated while announcing he meant to pull troops from Syria. A 2nd Trump-Kim meeting is expected in February. We've beaten them and we've beaten them badly.

When asked for her assessment, CIA Director Gina Haspel said "They're still unsafe".

"You look at what's happened in Syria with respect to ISIS and the caliphate, we took over a lot of area in the last two weeks".

"Your refusal to accept the unanimous assessment of US Intelligence on Iran, North Korea, ISIS, Russia, and so much more shows the extent of your intellectual bankruptcy", Mr Brennan tweeted.

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