Zion WIlliamson Should Protect The Bag, Shut It Down Until Draft

Feb 22, 2019, 01:28
Zion WIlliamson Should Protect The Bag, Shut It Down Until Draft

Zion's injury is going to be a tipping point, but not the one we want.

"While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue", Nike said. The kid is the biggest sensation college basketball has seen in years.

Duke basketball star Zion Williamson suffered an incredibly scary injury Wednesday night in a devastating 88-72 loss to North Carolina. Williamson goes to make a cut and his left foot explodes through the side of his Nike PG 2.5-kind of like that scene from Like Mike where Calvin Cambridge shreds through his Blazers.

The mishap sent Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE) shares down as much as 2 percent Thursday.

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Williamson might be fine - he walked off the court on his own accord, and early reports indicate that the shoe explosion caused just a mild knee strain.

Nike was in damage control mode on Thursday after United States college basketball phenomenon Zion Williamson suffered a knee injury when his shoe shredded during a marquee game attended among others by Barack Obama and Spike Lee.

The injury happened after Williamson planted his foot to change direction.

Nike is the biggest brand in basketball with the NBA locked into an eight year kit deal.

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Do I think that is borders on criminal that Zion is not allowed to tap into the revenue streams that he has helped create right now? It's possible that a different shoe better designed for Williamson's size would have been able to withstand his powerful playing style. After several minutes, Williamson retreated to the locker room in his socks, the shoes having been stuffed under his seat by the staffer.

It's also unclear, if he decides to continue his college career, whether Williamson has an insurance policy to protect him in case of injury like many other elite college athletes have purchased.

It quickly became clear it was more than that, though, and then the official word came from Duke: Williamson wouldn't return.

And one more, even worse, nearly unimaginable, thing: Let's drop former president Barack Obama into the mix, put him courtside, and then have the TV cameras - somehow - capture him saying, "His shoe broke".

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Mediaite reached out to Puma for comment on why they the posted and deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, but did not receive a response. "We've made three generations, going on four now of my shoe, of being successful". He also was a "one-and-done" player, leaving Kentucky after competing for just one season.