UK Labour Party calls for another referendum

Mar 02, 2019, 00:58
UK Labour Party calls for another referendum

Theresa May promised on Tuesday that the members of parliament (MPs) would be given a choice to vote on no-deal Brexit or delayed departure from the European Union (EU) if her deal is rejected in a meaningful vote in mid-March.

Labor's Brexit proposals - which would see the United Kingdom join an EU customs union - were defeated by 323 votes to 240, a bigger margin than the last time MPs voted on them.

"When the meaningful vote comes back, and we are told maybe that might be on March 12, there are rumours. that it could be next week, we will see", he told ITV.

Firstly, they will be given a say on whether to support leaving the European Union with "no deal", which would mean that London will automatically leave on March 29 without many, if not all, of the rules that regulate the UK's relationships with the European Union; or they could vote to extend the Article 50 process.

Parliament voted down an alternative Brexit plan from Labour on Wednesday.

"The Prime Minister is recklessly running down the clock, in an attempt to force MPs to choose between her botched deal and a disastrous No Deal".

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'We need to close these issues down and we do it by being absolutely vigilant in the way we deal with racism in our own ranks.

After enduring more than 2-1/2 years of uncertainty since the 2016 referendum, some business chiefs are relieved the threat of a no-deal exit has been pushed back to late June though others said the delay merely prolonged the lack ofclarity.

These developments are potentially significant as they came only a day after opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn moved more strongly toward supporting a further Brexit referendum if May does not adopt the Labour Party's softer Brexit stance, which includes a customs union agreement with the EU.

Mr. Corbyn will continue to advocate "other available options" such as a general election, among others.

Labour can appease its Remain-leaning support base with the narrative that it tried for a second referendum, but the Tories got in the way again.

On Thursday, he released a statement on Twitter thanking Labour members and supporters for "the incredible solidarity you have shown me over the last 48 hours".

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How did your MP vote on previous Brexit debates?

Leadership has become a relative term in the United Kingdom as both the Conservative and the Labour parties are divided over Brexit having become entrapped in negotiations that leave little room for substantial talks with the EU-27 over Britain's pending withdrawal from the European Union.

This week, Labour has made it as clear as mud on what the position would be if Britain held a second referendum.

Meanwhile, the Sheffield Hallam CLP passed a motion expressing solidarity with suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson, claiming he was "falsely accused of antisemitism". However, the polls do not now look favourable for Labour and there is little support on the Conservative benches for calling one.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary also today confirmed that in such a scenario she and the Labour Leader would be campaigning to remain.

I stood on a platform of delivering Brexit because the majority of you in Bassetlaw voted for this and I have no intention of blocking this in Parliament.

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That was enough to avert a showdown in parliament on Wednesday with lawmakers - including ministers in her own government, who had said they were prepared to join a rebellion this week to avert an exit with no agreement.