Continued Conversation: Fewer Okay Googles needed for Google Home Hub

Mar 11, 2019, 10:30
Continued Conversation: Fewer Okay Googles needed for Google Home Hub

Android Central reviewed the Hub on release, praising its display, build quality and smart home management tools. Once you say "Hey Google" once, the Assistant will stay active for a few moments to allow you to use Continued Conversation.

In any case, Google confirmed to Android Central that Continued Conversations will be hitting every Assistant-powered smart display in the United States that's set to English. This is a feature that has been available for some time on its smart speakers like the Google Home.

Since Google rolled out Continued Conversations on the Google Home past year, many have praised the feature. After saying a "Hey Google" or "OK Google" command, you can make a follow-up request without having to say "Hey Google" / "OK Google" every single time. To enable this feature, you need to go to the Google Assistant app and click on Settings Preferences Continued Conversation and tap on the toggle.

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However, the interesting part is, Google has confirmed Duplex will be coming to other Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks. For ending a conversation, you can always.

How do you setup and control multi-room audio on your Google Smart Display?

Google Duplex is really exciting, particularly for busy people who don't have a personal assistant.

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The Duplex national tour is rolling out to nearly every state in the US.

Share photos from Live Albums with Google Photos: Your Smart Display also can double as a digital photo frame. You can then ask a follow up question without the Google wake words, such as "What did Rami Malek win", and you'll get your answer, with Google using the context from the previous question to know what you're talking about. They can also swipe from left to right to stop the interpreter mode. And for good reason: they're an example of incredibly useful and easy to use technology that can make everyday life better, even if just a wee bit.

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