Ilhan Omar retweets Al Jazeera host in response to Meghan McCain criticism

Mar 11, 2019, 10:32
Ilhan Omar retweets Al Jazeera host in response to Meghan McCain criticism

"If [Omar] was a Republican, this resolution would've been naming names, she'd be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee and we would be talking about anti-Semitism exclusively, singularly and forcefully", he insisted.

The House on Thursday passed a resolution that called out bigotry of all kinds without directly condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar for allegedly anti-Semitic remarks.

A debate within the Democratic Party over charges that one of its U.S. House of Representatives lawmakers made anti-Semitic remarks has exposed an ideological and generational rift in the party, prompting a vote condemning bigotry against minorities. The Democrats have become an anti-Israel party.

Large portions of the resolution name-checked specific anti-Semitic tropes, including the dual-loyalty canard and allegations "that Jews control the United States Government or seek global, political, and financial domination and that Jews are obsessed with money".

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Omar and her Democratic "Progressive" friends have played the race, religion and feminist cards since Omar, of Minneapolis, and Tlaib, from Detroit, became the first two Muslim women in Congress. To be sure, they condemned Omar's first comments, drawing a reluctant half-assed apology from her.

And as far as worldwide relations goes, Ms. Omar is in the finest of company, because one hears reports of French Jews immigrating to Israel in increasing numbers because of anti-Jewish sentiment and a disturbing number of attacks on Jews in the stylish and trend-setting nation of France. "These words have a history and a cultural impact", the House Speaker told reporters. "But we don't need to use anti-Semitic tropes or anti-Muslim tropes to be heard".

McCain later choked up when she mentioned former Democratic Sen. Yet on college campuses, in state legislatures and in many other venues nationwide, the polarized debate about Israel is a familiar conflict and likely to intensify.

"It's all about the Benjamins baby", Omar tweeted, referring to pictures of Benjamin Franklin, a U.S. Founding Father whose picture is on $100 bills. "It's about these forms of hatred", Pelosi said.

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The seven-page document, which is expected to receive a vote on Thursday afternoon, condemns antisemitism and anti-Muslim bigotry "as hateful expressions of intolerance" contradictory to "the values and aspirations" of the US.

But she has not apologized for what many in Congress saw as a suggestion that Israel's supporters have split loyalties. "I think this is a sign of hope that more popular involvement in the party could.challenge the traditional elites of the party". Omar knows precisely what she's saying, which is why she keeps saying it.

"It is absolutely shameful that Nancy Pelosi and Leader Hoyer and the Democratic leaders will not put her name in a resolution on the floor and condemn her remarks and remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee", Cheney said.

"Unfortunately, that double standard is a problem". While most House Republicans also voted for it, 23 voted no. Iowa's Steve King voted present. But in dealing with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Democrats are blowing their chance. But Pelosi and House Dems have been slow to respond to respond to Omar. But in a spectacularly freaky move, a large group of House Republicans ended up taking a step that overshadowed Democrats' divisions.

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Democrats fought each other about exactly what the resolution would say.