Democrat rising star O'Rourke announces 2020 White House bid

Mar 15, 2019, 00:33
Democrat rising star O'Rourke announces 2020 White House bid

The son of a powerful El Paso, Texas politician, O'Rourke won election to the El Paso City Council in 2005 and served there until his election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012. Speaking on his astounding success in Texas, he said that while many doubted he could run a successful campaign, "I knew that with enough work and enough creativity and enough awesome people, if I'm able to meet them and bring them in, then we can do it".

O'Rourke's record in Congress has drawn criticism from some on the left for being too moderate, but he spoke at length about combating climate change and supporting the Green New Deal on Thursday.

While a formal announcement is set for later in March, O'Rourke joined the rest of the Democratic candidates in renouncing corporate PAC money, declaring "All People".

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The addition of O'Rourke makes a crowded Democratic field even more crowded, and it will be fascinating to see if he can find a constituency, and where it will come from.

"And on moral grounds", he added, "I oppose the death penalty". The former three-term congressman ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2018 against Republican Ted Cruz. O'Rourke said during his Senate campaign that he did not have Oval Office aspirations, but he admitted at a town hall late a year ago that his position had changed from what he said on the campaign trail and that he and his wife had "made a decision not to rule anything out". O'Rourke accused Trump of stoking "false fear" about immigrants.

CNN reported previously that O'Rourke was ready to "push the button" on a White House effort. Ted Cruz a year ago, but his political ideology has been a topic of debate, with some describing him as "far-left" and others framing his campaign as "centrist". Amy Klobuchar, the politician known colloquially as "Beto" seems to have gotten under the president's skin - or at least gotten Trump's attention.

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"If I were to run, I think it's just so important that those who would comprise my team looked like this country", O'Rourke said.

Trump did comment on O'Rourke briefly Thursday morning alongside the Irish prime minister in the Oval Office, saying "Beto" has "a lot of hand movement".

"I think the voters will decide", said Sen.

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