‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer: Captain Marvel joins the team of superheroes

Mar 16, 2019, 00:50
‘Avengers: Endgame’ trailer: Captain Marvel joins the team of superheroes

Though it doesn't give too much away (as is Marvel's tradition), the trailer does offer plenty of new, exciting details.

Amidst the swelling music and Tony Stark's voiceover, there's a short scene in the trailer in which Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, teaches a young woman how to use a bow and arrow.

Viewers will notice the clip harkens back to the foundational films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heralding an end to this particular cycle of the franchise. Compared to the nearly two dozen faces on the Avengers: Infinity War one-sheet, Endgame's poster only features 13 characters. Don Cheadle's War Machine is poised and ready to blast forth in an action pose.

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They share a love for massive guns, so it's a match made in Marvel heaven. That's been true of all of the trailers so far, as they mostly just show the remaining Avengers rallying a response without telling us what that response is.

Scenes showing him with his daughter suggest losing his family to "the snap" prompted his comeback. Also, the Avengers seem to have gotten brand new uniforms. In Knowhere when the Guardians first confront him, on Titan, and at the end when he comes to Wakanda for the final stone, Thanos has the power to utterly destroy the heroes who get in his way.

Brie Larson's Captain Marvel makes her first Avengers appearance just a week after her own film was released. There is even a scene of Pepper Potts holding his helmet close to her head. They're white with red and black accents, and have the "A" Avengers symbol over the breast.

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Fans are already loving the chemistry between this other-wordly duo.

Or, at least in this newest trailer for Avengers Endgame, alongside Thor. Or a Quantum Realm suit? There's a good chance the movie will not release in Pakistan if whatever issues present during the release of Captain Marvel persist till April, which is a possibility harder to swallow in light of this phenomenal trailer.

Here's the full trailer.

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