Google Stadia Hides Secret Konami Code Easter Egg on Website

Mar 20, 2019, 00:58
Google Stadia Hides Secret Konami Code Easter Egg on Website

However, Google fed us just enough details about the hardware to whet our appetite, and perhaps provide a hint of how the service will perform in comparison to today's PCs and dedicated game consoles. Google will clarify launch games, pricing and more this summer.

Speaking of multiplayer, Stadia wants to revitalize couch co-op splitscreen with a feature called Stream Connect. A Google official at the site confirmed that the logo is related to the upcoming gaming event.

For those playing on Chromecast Ultra or on mobile devices, Google unveiled the new Stadia Controller that will join the Google hardware family. Jade Raymond, who also worked for Electronic Arts until previous year, took a VP position within Google last week, and, given her connections, may be responsible for the industry connections supervision.

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Another huge axis the success or failure of Stadia will turn on is price.

While streaming game services might nibble at consoles sales, they are more likely to broaden the audience of players to anyone with an internet connection, according to analysts. Will the controller be priced comparably to controllers for current consoles, or will it see a big price mark-up because of all the tech packed into it and the fact that it's effectively a console replacement? Google also says Stadia will support HDR visuals. So how is it making money? Because Stadia is rendering in the cloud, multiple instances can work together to render for the players and stream a combined video down to your screen.

BTIG managing director Brandon Ross explained that Google's platform could set up a distribution battle between Microsoft, which owns the Xbox, Sony, which owns the PlayStation, Google and perhaps Amazon, which reportedly is working on its own video game service, as they race to lock down distribution of the most in-demand games. But this means that no matter what Chromebook you have, whether its an low-cost one with a 720p display or a more expensive model like the 3000 x 2000 resolution Pixels Slate, you'll get the best possible gaming experience with Stadia. Other than briefly mentioning security in a very nebulous way on the keynote stage, the presentation was largely devoid of any information that would reassure anyone paranoid about data privacy.

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Playing on a Pixelbook on a Google internet connection, the site saw smooth framerates.

Stadia is also changing the game for streamers.

But how much higher?

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The Stadia controller, which is optional, connects to Google's streaming data centres directly over WiFi, for limiting latency. Stadia will help developers surface titles in Google search, the Play Store, and other locations.