Apple May Reveal a Streaming-Video Service at March 2019 Event

Mar 25, 2019, 00:41
Apple May Reveal a Streaming-Video Service at March 2019 Event

On Monday, Apple will add video and news subscriptions, and could unveil a similar offering for credit cards.

From what we can tell, if this model will work anywhere, it's in India's fast-growing market, which is also experiencing a boom in digital services like instant money transfers, ecommerce, and streaming content channels.

Of course, most Netflix subscribers are happy to pay the newly increased prices.

The company is spending $1 billion on originals, but most probably, they won't debut until later this year.

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Satellite TV brings in the next highest income, followed by streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

The event will be taking place in the United States, and Apple's Indian fans can watch the event's proceedings live at 10:30 pm (local time) on Monday.

It nearly goes without saying that Apple's streaming service should have support for 4K playback, in line with other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Currently, through the App Store, Apple earns 15% of subscription revenue (after taking 30% during the first year) for services like HBO NOW. Likely absent from the event: any new versions of the gadgets that have helped Apple generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profit since 1976.

Thompson, who took over as New York Times CEO in 2012 and has overseen a massive expansion in its online readership, warned publishers that they may suffer the same fate as television and film makers in the face of Netflix's Hollywood insurgence. Up until now, however, Apple's TV app has required users to sign up for services individually, outside of the TV app and often using those services' own iOS of tvOS apps - for which Apple already takes a cut. In March, the spring event comes in as announcements for new service launches and future developments, the WWDC in June sees the announcement of new operating systems in beta mode for developers to test and develop new apps and software.

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Apple has been planning a content streaming service for years and wants all the eyes on the event.

Netflix is working with Indian entertainment companies to produce a Netflix series tailored in Hindi and other languages.

"If the content is compelling enough, people will subscribe", Greengart said. As Recode points out, this means Apple can set its own prices, and while that likely won't lead to Apple undercutting its partners, it could mean Apple will offer discounted channel bundles. This would let users stream Apple's original shows and premium subscriptions on Roku devices. We can't say just what else Apple is planning to talk about, but with that said, there is a pretty good chance we will hear about an all-new streaming service from the tech giant.

It's also unclear whether Apple will continue offering - or at least promoting - individual subscriptions.

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