Magazine subscription service with $8000 of value, but it’s a lie

Mar 26, 2019, 00:57
Magazine subscription service with $8000 of value, but it’s a lie

Tim Cook introduced Apple TV+ earlier today at their Apple Event in San Francisco. Apple has commissioned programming from Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.

The firm also revealed a news service, Apple News+, which will include more than 300 magazine titles including Marie Claire, Vogue, New Yorker, Esquire, National Geographic and Rolling Stone.

Apple's highly anticipated Monday event will likely see an unveiling of Apple's forthcoming TV streaming and subscription news services.

Magazine subscription service with $8000 of value, but it’s a lie
Magazine subscription service with $8000 of value, but it’s a lie

Netflix's transformation from a DVD-by-mail service into one of Hollywood's largest studios has convinced many technology companies that they too can make hit TV shows. Going forward for users with up-to-date devices, the News widget will open into the Apple News app rather than loading web pages. Apple CEO Tim Cook told the crowd about what's coming, one of those things being Apple Arcade. iOS has become the largest gaming platform in the world, and this is their first subscription service banking on that captive audience. Let us know what you think down below! And in that area, Apple has fallen behind companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, which now pull in significant revenue from selling cloud services, which is a fancy term for data center usage and storage.

If you start a game on one device, you'll be able to continue from another as Apple's Coninuity feature will be replicated in the platform with support for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV gaming.

Missing from the announcement were other major newspaper publishers, who have reportedly been wary of Apple's terms. Walt Disney Co, which bought 21st Century Fox, and AT&T Inc, which purchased Time Warner Inc, plan to launch or test new streaming video services this year.

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Apple TV Plus wasn't the only subscription service announced during the presentation, though. It also unveiled a new credit card tied to Apple Pay and Apple News+, a subscription news service.

If you're looking for Black Mirror-style content and stuff that's super dark, it doesn't look like Apple TV+ is for you.

Apple says the Arcade subscription will be available this fall.

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Further emphasizing that break, Apple promoted the service's privacy. It has positioned that as leverage against Netflix's 139 million global customers and the 100 million subscribers to Amazon's Prime shipping program, which includes the video service.

It added that it will not track what users read or allow advertisers to do so.

You will access all of this content through the brand new Apple TV app, which according to Apple now "personalizes what viewers love to watch across their existing apps and services while developing a secure and comprehensive understanding of users viewing interests".

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A new Apple Card credit card will be integrated into Apple Pay on the iPhone, extending the company's reach into digital payments.