Juncker says European Union 'running out of patience' with United Kingdom over Brexit

Apr 02, 2019, 00:32
Juncker says European Union 'running out of patience' with United Kingdom over Brexit

Politicians will vote again on Brexit after all eight alternative plans, plus the Prime Minister's deal, were rejected last week.

May, however, is under pressure from pro-Brexit members of her government not to tack toward a softer Brexit.

A no-deal Brexit would mean cutting ties with the European Union immediately and defaulting to World Trade Organisation rules for trade. He said lawmakers should support May's Brexit deal, which the House of Commons has rejected three times. The other would likely keep Britain from setting off to strike its own independent trade deals. Currently, Brexit is due to take place on April 12 unless May comes up with another option.

And the fourth essentially seeks to cancel Brexit.

The Times newspaper said May had been warned by some senior ministers that she faced resignations if she agreed to pursue a softer Brexit.

The Conservative Party is open revolt. The U.K.'s exit date for leaving the European Union is April 12. Hardline Brexiteers and those ministers pushing for a softer Brexter are both threatening to resign if they don't get their way. British farmers, just like wider British businesses, have been placed in an terrible position of uncertainty by our own Government and Parliament.

Chief whips are supposed to be like Victorian children in the extreme, never seen nor heard.

If May chooses to ignore any alternative deal voted by Parliament, she risks a constitutional crisis and, potentially, a general election.

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Instead, May made bold speeches and erected red lines.

"I think the deal is the right way to do that".

Over the weekend, the justice secretary, David Gauke, said the prime minister would have to "look very closely" if MPs back a customs union in a fresh round of indicative votes.

Parliament has voted down May's deal three times. To prevent this, May would probably have to call a vote on an election before that legislation was passed.

This appears an empty threat by a weakened party leader.

Conservative Party deputy chairman James Cleverly said on Sunday that the party was not preparing for a snap election.

It's possible that the general disagreement could force a general election - amid splits in both major parties.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker says that the EU is running out of patience with Britain, ahead of another Brexit vote in the House of Commons.

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If an election failed to produce a majority in the Commons, Sir John suggested a "time limited" national unity government should be formed.

"We are in an environment where it is not just about going for your first choice", he added.

An online petition calling for a no-deal Brexit has garnered 135,000 signatures so far - more than the 100,000 threshold required for parliament to consider it for debate, but far less than the 6m signatures to revoke Article 50.

Parliament will vote on different Brexit options on Monday and then May could try one last roll of the dice by bringing her deal back to a vote in parliament as soon as Tuesday.

"For the second half we are seeing softness in both the United Kingdom and Europe, which we believe comes from macroeconomic uncertainty and many unanswered questions surrounding Brexit which are together driving weaker customer demand", chief executive Johan Lundgren said in the update.

Another widely discussed plan, based on the model of Norway's membership of the EU's single market, secured less support last week but many MPs abstained. This indicates a change from Labour toward staying in the single market, accepting free movement of citizens across borders.

With both the French camp and the Netherlands starting to lose patience with the United Kingdom, the European Union is getting closer to pushing the nation into a no deal scenario.

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