After Brexit, EU Will Allow UK Citizens To Visit Without A Visa

Apr 05, 2019, 01:03
After Brexit, EU Will Allow UK Citizens To Visit Without A Visa

The European Parliament on Thursday approved a law allowing Britons visa-free EU visits even after a "no deal" Brexit, despite a furious dispute over the status of Gibraltar.

Mrs May's official spokesman said the important thing was to provide the leaders of the other 27 European Union states with "clarity" on the way forward, in order for them to feel able to offer a further extension to the Brexit process, which is now due to end on April 12.

Chancellor Philip Hammond, a senior member of May's Cabinet, said Parliament should vote on whether to hold a second referendum.

Stefan Auer, associate professor in European Studies at The University of Hong Kong, said he is "sceptical" of Theresa May's call for another short extension to Brexit in order to prevent no deal on April 12.

It was unclear when the legislation would be debated in the House of Lords, where legislation usually passes more slowly and opponents could seek to filibuster it, but it could be as soon as Thursday.

Corbyn said he welcomed May's "willingness to compromise to resolve the Brexit deadlock" and looked forward to talks with her.

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Britain has until April 12 to propose a withdrawal plan to Brussels which must be accepted by 27 member states of the EU.

Her pivot to Labour has led many to believe that she is ready to back a much softer version of Brexit - one that would keep Britain closely aligned economically with the EU.

But some in the Labour Party have cast her gambit as a trap aimed at scaring her own lawmakers into backing the thrice-defeated deal, or as a way to extend responsibility for the difficulties of Brexit to the Labour Party. The EU27 are likely to grant an extension which involves the United Kingdom taking part in European elections, which will cause further outrage from Tory benches.

"We should leave on April 12 without a deal". She has been cautioned that it could destroy the Conservative party.

"Labour has put forward our proposals to ensure there is a customs union with the EU, access to vital markets and protections of our standards of consumer, environmental and workers' rights", he said on Tuesday.

If that fails, No 10 will move to holding a series of votes in parliament on options, including a runoff between her deal and alternatives such as a customs union, while agreeing to abide by the results.

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In a statement after the meeting with May concluded, Corbyn said, "There hasn't been as much change as I expected, but we will have further discussions tomorrow (Thursday) to explore technical issues". They will be angry if the party actively helps bring about the U.K.'s departure.

Mr Campbell also suggested that the prime minister should be "punished" for spending money on no-deal preparations when she does not seem to be willing to leave without a deal.

In an apparent signal of willingness to accept a far softer form of Brexit, Mrs May offered to hold talks with the Labour leader to agree a plan acceptable to both, which can be put to the House of Commons ahead of the April 10 summit of the European Council. He said: "I've spoken out against a customs union, but I do want to see an outcome from these talks that can deliver Brexit".

British police are warning politicians to tone down their rhetoric amid concerns about the volatile public mood as the future of Brexit is debated.

"We urge the leader of the opposition to work with the prime minister to find a solution", he said.

To achieve a suprapartisan agreement and secure the approval of a majority of voters in the House of Commons, it is indispensable for May to abandon maneuvers for party interests and make a compromise.

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