Google Photos Starts receiving Support for Foldable Phones

Apr 23, 2019, 00:27
Google Photos Starts receiving Support for Foldable Phones

Some of those errors were down to reviewers attempting to peel off what looked like a plastic screen protector from the interior panel.

All in all, the entire Galaxy Fold saga has been nothing short of an embarrassment for Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a $2,000 device, so Samsung likely is going to wait to release it before the company can best ensure that customers are satisfied with such an expensive smartphone.

If you were hoping to set up your Samsung smartwatch with a new phone, you might want to hold off.

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Smartphone maker Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has postponed media events for its Galaxy Fold planned for this week in Hong Kong and Shanghai, a company official said, days after reviewers of the foldable handset reported defective samples.

YouTube user Marques Brownlee said he removed the protective film and his device began having issues.

Today's report also suggests that Samsung has identified the problem causing the Galaxy Fold's display issues.

With so many concerns about the Fold, Samsung has now said it is delaying the global launch of this phone.

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To fully evaluate this feedback and run further internal tests, we have chose to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold.

'The screen on my Galaxy Fold review unit is completely broken and unusuable just two days in, ' Gurman wrote in a tweet.

The Galaxy Fold made its way into the hands of reviewers a week ago and has had a rough go of it.

Samsung has come under criticism for the Galaxy Fold from tech journalists reporting the device is breaking after use. We are encouraged by the excitement around the Galaxy Fold. "Additionally we've introduced several improvements to make Google Photos compatible with foldable devices", says the "what's new" section of Google in the Play Store. Chinese rival Huawei Technologies Co has also announced a folding handset, the Mate X.

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At the very least this will mean more obvious warnings not to peel stuff off the screen - something Samsung engineers presumably thought that people wouldn't do.