Facebook Messenger is Coming to Windows, Mac

May 01, 2019, 01:35
Facebook Messenger is Coming to Windows, Mac

The 34-year-old businessman first talked about his intention to divide Facebook's product into two in a blog post in March. "Today, about 2.7 billion people are connected using the service", he elaborated.Here's a look at the journey of what has now become the world's biggest social network. A faster, lighter e-engineered app will roll out this year. Facebook's News Feed continues to draw ad dollars but user growth in its most lucrative markets has slowed.

As Facebook opens its annual F8 developer's conference this week, the company seems intent to bring Project LightSpeed to the masses.

Facebook is also launching a Windows and macOS desktop client for Messenger, creatively named "Messenger Desktop". At the session, Facebook-owned Oculus may announce improvements to the headset or even a new variant. Lastly, the camera is being improved and a new Create Mode will make it easier to create posts without photos or videos.

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Earlier this year, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said he believed the "future of communication will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services", and outlined plans to enable users to send secure messages between any of the firm's apps, including WhatsApp and Instagram as well as Facebook and Messenger.

A new feature called "Secret Crush" will let people signal which friends they are interested in romantically, but only letting the object of their fancy know it if that person makes similar interest known on a private crush list. It will also be integrated into Facebook Groups. The current Messenger App weighs in at a hefty 410 MB for mobile users to download while Messenger Lite comes in at sparse 6.1 MB, but again, with several features stripped out.

WhatsApp is also getting some changes. This product is in early stages of development, Facebook said.

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PayPal Holdings Inc. will process payments for purchases made directly inside Marketplace, according to a company spokesperson.

But Facebook is no longer adding many new users in the United States and Europe, its most lucrative markets, and it must find additional sources of revenue if it is to sustain growth.

"We are evaluating a selling fee that is in line with competitive platforms to help cover payment processing and programs such as purchase protection", a spokesperson said.

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