China warns citizens on travel to the U.S.

Jun 05, 2019, 01:24
China warns citizens on travel to the U.S.

China issued a pair of travel warnings for the USA on Tuesday and slammed what it called "interference" in its internal affairs.

"For some time, the U.S. has politicized normal China-U.S. educational exchanges using the China threat and Chinese infiltration as excuses", Geng said at a daily briefing.

The U.S. administration on June 3 said the Chinese regime, in its recent statements and a white paper released over the weekend, was pursuing a "blame game" and misrepresenting trade negotiations between the two countries.

The accusations come amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing.

In the paper, China said in order to reach a deal "the U.S. should remove all additional tariffs imposed on Chinese exports".

In an unusual move, China on Tuesday issued a travel alert for its citizens visiting the USA, warning them of harassment and public security issues in the country as bilateral ties touched a new low amid a spiralling trade war.

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"I believe it is only necessary in light of current circumstances".

The country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism meanwhile urged Chinese tourists to "improve their awareness of safety and security" in light of "shootings, robberies and thefts [that] have occurred frequently in the United States".

In March, a group of Republican congressmen introduced a bill into the US Congress which would ban any individuals employed or sponsored by the Chinese military from receiving student or research visas to the US.

In a statement, the Trump administration also accused China of "backpedalling" on trade agreements. "Instead, they have done serious harm to the U.S. economy", the Chinese government said in a white paper, pointing to what it described as increased production costs and consumer prices in the United States and threats to economic growth.

"The impetus for the discussions was China's long history of unfair trade practices". Such actions have "caused severe harm to American workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses".

China's foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the USA had been setting "unnecessary obstacles" to people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

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It is not clear how knowledge of local law will protect Chinese tourists.

But with no sign of a fresh round of talks, the two governments have been trading blame and maneuvering to drum up domestic support for what is turning out to be a bruising trade war for farmers and manufacturers on both sides.

The trade war is already weighing on the global economy and China's "White Paper" laid out some of its impact so far.

Geng echoed those comments, saying the government had done what was needed to ensure political stability.

Now this all comes after increasing trade tensions between the world's two largest economies.

He said those involved should "look yourself in the mirror, mind your own business, stop attacking and smearing China, stop interfering in China's internal affairs, stop taking words and deeds that impair China-U.S. mutual trust", he said.

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