New Tetris Battle Royale coming to phones

Jul 02, 2019, 00:32
New Tetris Battle Royale coming to phones

Tetris Royale will come with a lot of different game modes.

It was an immediate success, its unexpected splicing of the Tetris formula with the trending Battle Royale format of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ("PUBG") a prospect able to renew the Tetris appeal to new generations and returning fans. No footage or screenshots of the game have been released, but it seems to be a very similar concept to the game on Switch - albeit with 100 players instead of 99.

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The Tetris Company has teamed with N3TWORK for Tetris Royale which is coming to both iOS and Android, and is the debut title that the companies have signed a multi-year agreement on, with Tetris Royale the first out of the gate. These include a solo marathon mode and daily challenges that will allow players to earn various rewards, such as customization options and in-game power-ups.

But for those who don't have a Nintendo Switch but would really like to have a Tetris battle royale, then this game will be the one for you.

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As its core, Tetris Royale will be the familiar Tetris game everyone knows - puzzle pieces will rain down and players will need to arrange them together in order to clear lines and avoid being eliminated. This could mean that there will be more games being made as a result.

Tetris Royale is now in development for both iOS and Android.

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While no official release window has been offered for Tetris Royale as this writing, a Beta has been confirmed, which will take place sometime in late 2019.