Love Island's Curtis Pritchard admits lying in relationship ahead of recoupling

Jul 07, 2019, 00:55
Love Island's Curtis Pritchard admits lying in relationship ahead of recoupling

As promised by Caroline Flack, last night's offering was explosive. "When I'm not near you I don't feel like me, and I genuinely mean that".

Original islanders Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart, who have been together since the very start of the series on 3 June, remained a couple - although Pritchard confessed to developing feelings for newcomer Jourdan Raine in the four days they were apart.

You only need to glance at Twitter to see that most people aren't happy about the Liverpudlian's antics, with thousands of people standing in Amber's corner.

Clearly upset, in the Beach Hut Amy says: "I thought I'd met my first love and the one and it turns out I haven't".

Amber was not so pleased with Michael, confiding in Anna she wished Michael would apologise to her.

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By the fire pit, Tommy said to Lucie: "Regardless of what has happened, I still want the friendship there".

He admits not only did he speak to Jourdan about these feelings but he also kissed her in the challenges.

With heads turning left, right and centre, it seems that everything could change tonight - so how will the couples look after the Recoupling and who will be dumped from the Island?

"We all thought ovie and amber were going to couple up but they're really gonna end up plotting to break up michael and joanna lollllllll #loveisland" joked another.

"So I did feel like out of everybody who went in, he was the flawless match". "If he wants a shoulder to cry on, I'll be here!" This meant Curtis recoupled with "half-girlfriend" Amy.

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"It's now really hard for me to see you".

In Casa Amor, new relationships are blossoming as Ovie reaffirms his interest in Anna and plants a kiss on her as the person he fancies most. "Even though she disagreed with the things he said, I think it did hit home and she thought "maybe I could've shown a bit more". "I can't", one tweeted, while another called him "hubby goals". Jordan stuck with Anna but as a result, he is now single. "But it seems like it's really easy for you".

Amy replied: "You're a liar, you're a compulsive liar" before walking off.

One wrote: "I can't shake the sense that Lucie is holding out hope for Tommy to swoop in - just me?" I was still going to pursue her then something just clicked.

Love Island is always good at throwing a curve-ball or two into the show and that's exactly what went down as it was announced the girls in the villa would be moving to Casa Amor during the fourth week.

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